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Wild Night Out

A Wild (Swimming) Night Out

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

How do you have a wild night out when you don’t particularly like camping? You go for a wild night swim instead! Ok, it wasn’t technically ‘night’ because it’s summer, but the sun was lazily sinking behind the treeline as I arrived at Hatchmere Lake for my swim.

Pikes on Bikes Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

On Saturday we caught the train from Bristol to Yatton and cycled along the Strawberry Path passing apple orchards and loads of families on bikes and then veered into the Mendips stopping at the Swan in Rowberrow which does good beer and food and has a garden with a play area.

Ellen's Adventure Party

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

What did you do for Britain's national day - and night - of adventure? We had an amazing night. I arranged for 15 of my friends to come and camp in a field that my dad owns. It’s not near any houses and most of my friends had never camped. There was good bonding helping each other put up new tents, bbq, etc.

My Group Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

My compatriots for Wild Night Out were Nick, Tim and Steve. I was the only girl as the two others who were meant to join us couldn’t make it, but I was made an honorary member of ‘boys on tour’! I think I may have caused a bit of scandal in the village by walking up the hill with four boys and a bottle of Prosecco though...