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KP's 100km Run Throughout Wild Night Out

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WNO Interview With Katy Parrott

Who Are You?

I’m Katy Parrott 'KP', a 26 year old born and bred Bristolian! I work at Seadog Productions helping develop adventure/travel/wildlife film and TV ideas. I am also an Army Reservist specialising as a frontline combat medic and military mountaineer. I was inspired to join after becoming a finalist in the BBC series Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week.

What did you do on the National Day - and Night - of Adventure ?

For my WNO I took part in the Cotswold Way Challenge – a 100km Ultramarathon run from Bath to Cheltenham. The furthest I’d ever run before was 52km so it was always going to be a massive challenge and I wanted to it have purpose. A friend of mine took her own life last year so I decided to run it memory of her and raise money for the charity Mind.

So where did you go?

I started at 0700 in Bath, had to climb a total of over double the height of Snowdon, battle highs of 30 degrees and from 30km onwards I was in quite a lot of pain. The heat caused my feet to swell so my trainers were rubbing. At about 85km in, it was going dark, I was totally on my own and slightly lost the plot to the honest! To keep myself going, despite the pain, I nicknamed myself Lady Ploddington from Plodshire and I just had to keep plodding! I finally crossed the finish line at 2355, taking a total of 16 hours and 55 minutes. Much to my surprise I came 3rd female.

What was the worst part? I spent Monday morning in A&E getting a few of my toes drained (which had become infected) and I’m definitely going to lose at least 5 toenails.

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And the best part? Was it worth it? Absolutely. I’ve raised around £1700 for Mind so far, gained a huge personal achievement and know my friend would be proudly looking down on me (as well as thinking I’m an utter fruit loop!).

I was incredibly lucky to have the support of some amazing people. Mark met me at most of the pit stops and helped me re-fuel, tape up my feet and even ran some with me. Montane supplied me with amazing trail running kit. And Martin Hartley took some epic portrait shots of my finish - an emotional moment to capture. Thank you all so much.

Maybe I’ll do 150km next year...

If you’d like to show your support for Katy and contribute to her great cause, then why not check out her Just Giving page? https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/katy-parrott


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