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Wild Night Out
11th July 2020

For one night each year we are encouraging you to get outside.

On 11th July 2020, people across the UK will be coming together to have adventures outdoors, big and small. We’d love you to join us. We believe that Britons are spending too much time indoors. We think the answer is to encourage and support each other to get outside. What better way than to set a date in the diary?



As a society we are spending too much time indoors which is adversely affecting well-being. Fewer people are getting outside. Only a third of children in Britain spend more than an hour a day outdoors. A quarter of UK adults are classed as physically inactive, getting fewer than 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

We believe the solution is to support and encourage each other to Get Outside. Spending time outside has been proven to help with mental health problems including anxiety and depression as well as the physical benefits to getting active. Its also fun! Wild Night Out is a dedicated date in the diary for us all to get outside to experience nature afresh under the cover of darkness.

Wild Night Out was started by Explorers Connect founder Belinda Kirk in 2016. After 20 years of taking people of all ages into the wilderness, she understands first-hand the positive impact that adventure can have on people's lives.


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There are so many ways you can go wild at night, including wild swimming, night bike rides, family camp-outs… Anyone and everyone can take this opportunity to make amazing memories to treasure forever.

To get your imagination going, we’ve gathered together some ideas, stories, and how-to guides to help you design the very best Wild Night Out for you.




Wild Night Out raises awareness & funds to support the Youth Adventure Trust, a registered youth development charity working with vulnerable young people aged 11 to 16. The charity provides an outdoors programme enabling them to experience success, learn to go beyond their own expectations and grow in confidence These courses tackle long term issues and help to promote healthy, happy futures

So far 5,000 people have participated raising over £66,000 for charity. Participating or not you can still donate to this great cause.


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We love to see your Wild Night Out adventure photos, films and stories - share them with us and you could win vouchers generously donated by our partners. Exact prize details for 2020 are currently TBC, but will be announced nearer the time.

For your chance to win:

  • Tag us on your favourite social media channel @wildnightoutuk on Twitter & Instagram  /  @wildnightout on Facebook

  • Use the hashtag #WildNightOut2020 

We’ll choose our favourite stories, and winners will receive prizes in the post.

N.B. There will be no cash alternatives for any prizes won. Winners will be announced after the Wild Night Out weekend.


Wild Night Out inspires adventure in everyone and gives disadvantaged young people a chance to do the same. Get involved today!
Adventure makes us happier and healthier, it teaches us to take challenges, to appreciate our wild places and each other and gives us moments of real joy. Wild Night Out is about getting outside, having fun and making a difference - and its open to everyone
— BELINDA KIRK, Explorer and founder of Explorers Connect
As a family we prioritise spending time together in the outdoors. Why? Because it makes us feel happy and it gets us close to the natural world, and brings us closer together. Spending time in the outdoors should be an important part of every child’s life. Wild Night Out 2016 is a fantastic initiative that will bring children into the outdoors and the outdoors into children’s lives; we are proud to be part of it.
— The Meek Family
Being outdoors is so important. People are forgetting how to build fires, climb trees, tie knots. If we don’t get kids outside, lots of skills will be lost
— Sean Conway
In hindsight, none of my most treasured memories happened when I was sat in front of a screen. Wild Night Out is a fantastic initiative that reminds us all that adventure in the great outdoors (or even in a field just down the road) is a vital ingredient in a life well lived, and it’s also a chance to support some incredibly important charities
I am hugely excited about Wild Night Out. It can sometimes be difficult to take time for adventure but now there is no excuse! Whether your plans are big or small, the laughs, stories (and perhaps epic mishaps!) from this one night will be something you remember and share for a long time to come. Not to be missed!
I believe that we are all explorers at heart - it’s part of the human condition. The competitiveness of sport isn’t for everyone, but going wild is something that every child can do. By climbing trees and building dens, you become master of your own destiny: you can be an architect, thinker, inventor. You co-operate, you collaborate. As a child, that’s incredibly empowering.
I’m delighted to see Wild Night Out supporting the effort to teach children to learn to appreciate and conserve our wild places, and have fun as well!
sarah outen.jpg
I am all for sleeping outside at any opportunity and all for helping others enjoy the outdoors. Wild Night Out is a perfect way to do both: I’m stoked to be involved!
I want people to understand you can have an adventure anywhere and an adventure is simply just learning or experiencing something new
I am so psyched to be involved with Wild Night Out. It combines two of my passions: sleeping in the wilderness and helping young people to get outside. My wild camping adventures have helped boost my confidence, and I know that getting kids outdoors is key to helping them believe in themselves
anna mcnuff.jpg
A happy childhood is, without a doubt, one filled with mud, leaves, trees and wide open spaces. I fear that our beautiful natural playgrounds are getting forgotten somewhere between Snapchat and Instagram. Wild Night Out is a fantastic way to encourage the younger generation to connect with, explore and appreciate the great outdoors. Whether you’re an actual kid or one of those grown ups with a mortgage, get behind this and get wild!
I’m a massive fan of the Wild Night Out project. It’s a great idea to help get disadvantaged children out into the wilds for an adventure - an opportunity they might not otherwise get. Helping them to discover for themselves the magic & power that’s to be found in adventure! So lend your support to Wild Night Out and lets make sure it becomes an annual event
— Olly Hicks
Taking kids on adventures is a great thing. And they don’t have to be difficult or scary to be memorable. I remember when I was small we used to camp in the garden. It was such a huge adventure to me at the time and made such fond memories
— Challenge Sophie
Being outside and learning to appreciate, respect and enjoy the world around us is such an important part of childhood. Wild Night Out is doing exactly the right thing in providing encouragement and a platform to get outdoors. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results!
— Leon McCarron
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The freedom as a child to play outside, in the dirt, get wet and chase curious creatures is where I got my confidence to explore, to try new things, push boundaries and to trust my own judgement. I’m not talking extreme hikes into the wilderness I’m talking about building with sticks and bark, barefoot exploring in rock pools, preparing food for a fire. My parents didn’t need to be experts in survival, they just had to be there, for us to experience it together. Wild Night Out is encouraging more families to get outside and I’d recommend a night out in nature to anyone
— Sacha Dent
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Wild Night Out offers us a chance to find a meaningful connection to the great outdoors. Through adventure we can find greater understanding of each other and the world around us. Get involved!
— Ken Hames MBE
The fact is you only have a very short time with your Troopers. You owe it to both of you to make as many of these days as adventurous and fun as possible!