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On the 16th July 2016 we are inviting you to have an adventure. Whether you sleep under the stars, go on an evening hike or kayak or arrange a multi-day challenge over that date, wherever you might be, be part of a community having a Wild Night Out and raising money for disadvantaged kids to do the same. Wild Night Out aims to: 

  • Encourage each other to make time to be in the great outdoors. We will help you plan an adventure. 
  • Pay-It-Forward by raising money for the Youth Adventure Trust a charity which uses outdoor adventure to help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people develop the hope, skills and confidence to face the challenges in their daily lives

We believe the Explorers Connect community understands the massive impact outdoor adventure can have on somebody's life. It's a sad fact that the proportion of children in the UK regularly playing in wild places has fallen from over half to under 1 in 10. As a community of people who enjoy adventure and the outdoors, we need to do something. So lets have some fun adventures ourselves, inspire our friends to get involved and pay-it-forward to help disadvantaged kids do the same.  

To have a Wild Night Out simply:

  • Make a donation today. We suggest £20 per adult but whatever you can afford will make a difference.  Or set up your own fundraising page so people can support you, information on how to do this is HERE
  • Now you've pledged your support, start planning your adventure! Don't worry if you don't have an idea yet, we'll be sharing useful tips on what you can do over the coming months and helping you find others to go with. 
  • Now share this with your friends and encourage them to join you. Share, tweet #wildnightout, shout it out.


If you are an Outdoor Professional or Adventure Company

  • If you could donate an adventure experience on 16th July in return for participants donating to the charity please set it up as a sponsored event - information on how to do this is HERE (please put the minimum value they need to donate to participate and the location and start time etc) 

Together we can have adventures and change lives!



"Wild Night Out inspires adventure in everyone and gives disadvantaged kids a chance to do the same. Please g  et involved"



"I'm delighted to see Wild Night Out working on such an important matter. When I was a child I benefitted hugely from being able to roam wild, exploring woods, hills and rivers with my brother and friends. It's important for children's physical health, to teach them to take and measure risk, to learn to appreciate and conserve our wild places and to have fun as well''

Alastair Humphreys

"Wild Night Out inspires adventure in everyone and gives disadvantaged young people a chance to do the same. Get involved today''

Sir Ranulph Fiennes