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The Armchair Mountaineer's Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out
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by Tom Smallwood - The Armchair Mountaineer

There’s nothing I enjoy more than going out on a microadventure with my 6 year old– her excitement and enthusiasm at being a little bit wild is so beautifully pure. Of late she has expressed an interest in getting her friends to join in so this year’s Wild Night Out seemed like a great opportunity to rope in Claudia, one of her BFFs (along with her Dad), on a night of adventure.

I wanted it to be as memorable as possible so decided to combine a little walk, some paddling, splashing about in the river and wild camping for all, just a few miles from home. The long summer evening (and too many marsh mallows) made for a late night that only added to the excitement. The girls slept together in the tent, whilst the dads slept outside. I don’t think any of us could have had more fun and it was all accomplished with no toys and no digital distractions.

And best of all it won’t be a year before we do it again! And let’s hope we can bring more people along next time to enjoy the outdoors. On another note, I was bitten by a grass snake that I stood on, which ended up making it really rather an adventure for me too!

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There are so many ways you can go wild at night. Anyone and everyone can take this opportunity to make some amazing memories to treasure forever. To get your imagination going, we’ve gathered together some ideas, stories, and how-to guides to help you design the very best Wild Night Out for you.

Everyone needs a Wild Night Out!