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Family Camp-out for Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

by Team Lovett

Our Wild Night Out adventure in Wiltshire may have only been in our back garden, but for our family camping is always a challenge and a half. Dad has military related PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is helped greatly by a calm and organised scenario. Mum has diaphragm paralysis (one of the results of having Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency) and needs to use a BiPap ventilator for sleeping, which requires an electrical output, or else the booking and collecting of a battery-pack from NHS Oxford. ‘Spontaneity’ and ‘Organisation' go hand in hand by necessity for Team Lovett!

.. But, hey, we managed it and had a great and memorable Wild Night Out. We had the tent up and a calm environment, we had quiet camaraderie around the camp fire with our wonderful 8yr old daughter, who does so much to help us and is wise far beyond her years, we shared a moment in time that was up there with the moon and the stars.

As a family getting outside is important to each of us, whether it's walking, cycling, work, education, camping, or being out in the garden, the difference it makes to our mental and physical wellbeing is very noticeable. Sitting outside our tent by the camp fire in the falling dusk toasting marshmallows; feeling the gentle breeze over the heat of the fire, watching the bats chase insects, noticing the play of light on stream running alongside us and the scent of Honeysuckle competing with the woid smoke. Bliss, inner peace and relaxtion, we had it all this Wild Night Out 2018.


Thank you, Wild Night Out UK!

Team Lovett


There are so many ways you can go wild at night. Anyone and everyone can take this opportunity to make some amazing memories to treasure forever. To get your imagination going, we’ve gathered together some ideas, stories, and how-to guides to help you design the very best Wild Night Out for you.

Everyone needs a Wild Night Out!