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My Wild Art-Ternoon

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

by Morwhenna Woolcock

My Wild Night Out actually became a 'Wild Art-ternoon' and took place roughly 10 minutes walk from where I live in Somerset. I had planned to sleep out in my hammock, but as I couldn't get my dog to get into it, my partner was away and the place I chosen had a massive badger set - decided a wild afternoon would be my alternative!! It was wonderful.

The main aim really was to *finally* put up the hammock I've had for over three years and never taken out of its jacket. I did a test run in the garden the night before, and discovered that no, the gazebo frame wouldn't actually hold the hammock with me in it!! Doing that test though, helped me realise how easy setting up a hammock was and so to then actually go and put it up in the location I've had my eye on for a long time was hugely satisfying.

Spending a few hours relaxing in the hammock whilst watching my dog enjoy herself exploring, looking up and marvelling at the different view and perspective being cocooned in a hammock gave me the freedom to play with what ever natural materials I could find. Creating some doodles (with a feather) was lots of fun and a much needed tonic. (my WNO mug had water in it, not gin..!)

Due to my disability I struggle getting in and out of small tents. So having spent just a few hours in a hammock and discovering how easy it is to set up by myself, get in and out of and how deliciously comfortable it is I'm definitely going to be sleeping out in it this summer and having more hammocking adventures! [I've already got plenty of ideas].

It's surprising how being the recipient of a WNO mug gave me that extra bit of encouragement and impetus to do something that I'd been thinking about doing for years! So thank you Wild Night Out! 

morwhenna woolcock WNO 3.jpg

Hi, I’m Morwhenna aka The Creative Adventurer and I’m a firm believer that we don't need to travel far to experience something new and inspiring and that adventure is all around us, we just need to look at things from a different perspective to find it. I found that reconnecting with my creative and adventurous self was a huge part in my recovery from severe depression and that Creativity, Adventure & Nature are instrumental to my wellbeing. This philosophy now forms the basis of everything I do.

Each year I’ll create and go on my own Creative Adventure, my current project is about UK Islands. I also work part-time for an Arts Charity. 

I have a walking disability called drop foot as a result of having a brain hemorrhage when I was 12. I was completely paralyzed down my left hand side and had to learn to walk and use my left hand again. 10 years ago I was lucky to be suitable to be fitted with a StimuStep implant that has really helped my walking and means I can get outside so much more! 

You can read more about Morwhenna's creative adventures on her blog www.morwhenna.com


There are so many ways you can go wild at night. Anyone and everyone can take this opportunity to make some amazing memories to treasure forever. To get your imagination going, we’ve gathered together some ideas, stories, and how-to guides to help you design the very best Wild Night Out for you.

Everyone needs a Wild Night Out!