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Becky Goodall

I'm so pleased to be back at Explorers Connect after more than a year away on maternity leave. Although I've been enjoying my biggest challenge yet, being a mum to 1yr old Jackson, I've so missed leading the adventures and being part of the EC community.

How to get a job in Antarctica

Becky Goodall

From Nov 2017- Mar 2017 I was able to experience almost 4 months living on tiny Goudier Island, Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula, working for the United Kingdom Antarctica Heritage Trust (UKAHT). I had seen the job on Explorers Connect in 2015 and after an unsuccessful application that year, I kept my eyes open and when the position was again advertised in 2016, I applied and was successful.

How to trek the Tien Shan

Wild Night Out

The Tien Shan ("Heavenly") mountains of Central Asia are, as their name suggests, one of the most divine mountain ranges in the world. Only slightly smaller than the main Himalayan range further to the south, they are more beautiful and less polluted than the mountains of Nepal and India.

James Brownhill Memorial Fund

FundingSimon Pearce

James Brownhill was an avid climber and mountaineer who tragically died in an accident on the Frendo Spur in Chamonix. Following his death, members of his family established the fund in order to encourage and foster a higher level of safety, good practice and sustainability amongst young climbers and mountaineers.