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Explorer sought to inspire school children

Join a TeamBecky Goodall

I am a teacher at a primary school in Leeds. We are starting a topic about explorers soon and I am hoping to find someone who has been exploring the world to talk to and inspire the children with stories about what they have been doing and where they have been, maybe using maps, props and pictures. Plus information on what equipment was needed (if any), what weather they encountered, what accommodation they stayed in, whether there were any animals, whether it was a group travel - anything that inspires the children through stories/pictures.

Ideally we’d be looking to speak to someone the week commencing 21st January. We are flexible with time as long as it is within our school day of 9:00-3:00.

If they could come in we are based in Leeds that would be a bonus but a video call would be fine. There isn’t any budget but we would share the story across our website, blog and school newsletter.

If you would be willing to share your time for this worthy cause, please contact Tara: tara_edwards@live.co.uk