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2019 Explorer Awards - Supporting Pioneers with Purpose

FundingSimon Pearce

Echoing the Scientific Exploration Society’s long history of worldwide exploration and pioneering leadership, the Society’s quest to encourage Scientific Trailblazers and Pioneers with Purpose is the primary focus of their Explorer Awards, which support inspirational leaders through scientific exploration at the frontiers of human discovery. SES aims to encourage and enhance chosen careers by providing high profile Awards for projects that will also leave a lasting legacy and benefit. We seek rising stars whose passion for environmental sustainability, health and conservation set them out to become major influencers for future generations.

Explorers will be prepared to take on monumental physical, logistical and global challenges and will share the values of grit, curiosity, integrity and leadership that pioneers like SES Founder Colonel John Blashford-Snell exemplify.

Find out more about the range of awards available at https://www.ses-explore.org/explorer-awards