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Land Rover Bursary - Message from a former recipient

Funding, Adventure RevolutionSimon Pearce

Every year, the The Land Rover Bursary supports a challenging journey that takes a team beyond their limits and boundaries and makes full use of the capabilities of a Land Rover. The recipient of the bursary will receive up to £30,000 and the loan of a vehicle. 

The journey may connect with schools, local communities or research projects, but, whatever its aim, the team are expected to inspire and engage others, both from the field and on return.

Felicity Aston was the recipient of the Bursary in 2013 and set out from London to chase the onset of winter across Northern Europe and Siberia as far as the coldest inhabited place on Earth - the Pole of Cold.

Felicity says “I am really sad to note that in recent years the award winners have all been male-only teams. I currently sit on the Fieldwork and Expeditions Committee at the RGS and during our meeting yesterday it was revealed that there have been female-led applications but they simply haven't been of good enough quality (it seems that applications have lacked attention to detail such as adequate risk assessments and budgets).”

You can find out more about Felicity’s expedition at http://www.felicityaston.co.uk/the-pole-of-cold-expedition and how to apply for the Bursary at https://www.rgs.org/in-the-field/in-the-field-grants/expedition-grants/the-land-rover-bursary/