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Support team needed for 1200km cycle trip

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My name is Goncalo, I'm a photographer, filmmaker and adventurer. I've been following the EC community for many years now, always looking for inspiration and new calls for adventure. I've been undertaking my fair share of adventures in the past decade, alone or with a partner, but this time I want to go the extra mile and bring some new blood to the arena. So, here is my pitch...


Goncalo is a photographer, filmmaker and adventurer, and he is looking for a support team of two to follow him during his upcoming adventure, connecting the northwestern tip of Portugal (Caminha), to the Southeastern point (Vila Real de Santo António), on a 1200 km bicycle trip along the Portuguese Coast.

In 2017 he was the first person to stand up paddle the entire 350 km of the Douro river on the Portuguese side, from the border of Spain till the ocean, on a 14-day trip created to promote sustainable river tourism and bring awareness to the problems of interior population desertification. 

This time, the project wants to focus on sustainable mobility... with a twist. No fancy bicycle, no tech, no add-ons, nothing you would take on a normal afternoon cycling ride. And because the idea is to ride a bicycle with no excuses... the adventure will take place in the winter, this winter!

Starting on the 1st of March, with an expected average of 67 kms cycled per day, the trip will go for 18 days, finishing on the 18th of March.

Goncalo is looking for two people to be on the support team. It can be a couple, friends or individuals that never met before. Their tasks will be to drive a campervan during all the trip, film, photograph and help in the editing of a short daily video report to be posted every evening on social networks. There will be an extra bicycle on board, since some kms of the track will be for bikes only, and the videographer will have to ride along during those times.

Knowledge of the basics of videography, photography and video editing are important, but being a good teammate, supportive and joyful is mandatory... after all the idea is to have a good time and finish everyday enjoying the sunset over the ocean with a warm cup of tea. :)

Having a valid license to drive a car, be accustomed to driving in the right lane and be an overall responsible driver is also required.

The support team will also be welcome in the day to day planning, helping to find the most scenic routes, adventure tracks and overnight spots. 

Most of the required equipment for video and photo capture is already available, but it would be nice to have extra cameras, lens and other equipment, namely action cams.

The support team will have free accommodation in the campervan during all the trip. No fuel, parking or toll costs. The only daily cost will be food and drinks, which will have to be divided by everyone, or bought separately.

Committing to a minimum of 20 days would be great, being ready one day before departure (28th of February) to prepare everything and one day after the finish (19th of March) to allow enough space for any airport connection requirement.

The Portuguese Coast is beautiful, sprinkled with picturesque villages, pristine beaches and incredible landscapes. Covering its entire length is certainly a memorable journey.

If you have any further questions, feel free to use one of these contacts:

Email: gonfigueiredo@gmail.com

Instagram: @wildwithpurpose



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