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Wild Night Out

Can Wild Camping Change Your Life? 

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

In 2017, I wild camped for the first time in the Lake District. I caught the bug almost instantly, investing in a lightweight backpacking tent. Pretty soon that wasn't enough, I invested in a 4 season tent… and then a bivvy bag. By 2019 I can say I've slept under canvas for 20 nights so far in 2019 and counting. You'd be right in thinking I started wild camping and I never looked back.

A Wild (Swimming) Night Out

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

How do you have a wild night out when you don’t particularly like camping? You go for a wild night swim instead! Ok, it wasn’t technically ‘night’ because it’s summer, but the sun was lazily sinking behind the treeline as I arrived at Hatchmere Lake for my swim.

Pikes on Bikes Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

On Saturday we caught the train from Bristol to Yatton and cycled along the Strawberry Path passing apple orchards and loads of families on bikes and then veered into the Mendips stopping at the Swan in Rowberrow which does good beer and food and has a garden with a play area.

Ellen's Adventure Party

Wild Night OutBecky Goodall

What did you do for Britain's national day - and night - of adventure? We had an amazing night. I arranged for 15 of my friends to come and camp in a field that my dad owns. It’s not near any houses and most of my friends had never camped. There was good bonding helping each other put up new tents, bbq, etc.

My Group Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

My compatriots for Wild Night Out were Nick, Tim and Steve. I was the only girl as the two others who were meant to join us couldn’t make it, but I was made an honorary member of ‘boys on tour’! I think I may have caused a bit of scandal in the village by walking up the hill with four boys and a bottle of Prosecco though...

My Honeymoon Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

This year, we got married a week before Wild Night Out, so the day fell during what was essentially our honeymoon week! We stayed at home for the week after our wedding, too exhausted to holiday away from home, but we filled the week with lots of nice outings - including a wild camp out for WNO.

The Armchair Mountaineer's Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

There’s nothing I enjoy more than going out on a microadventure with my 6 year old– her excitement and enthusiasm at being a little bit wild is so beautifully pure. Of late she has expressed an interest in getting her friends to join in so this year’s Wild Night Out seemed like a great opportunity to rope in Claudia, one of her BFFs (along with her Dad), on a night of adventure.

Family Camp-out for Wild Night Out

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

Our Wild Night Out adventure in Wiltshire may have only been in our back garden, but for our family camping is always a challenge and a half. Dad has military related PTSD and Mum has diaphragm paralysis and needs to use a BiPap ventilator for sleeping. Therefore ‘Spontaneity’ and ‘Organisation' go hand in hand for Team Lovett!

My Wild Art-Ternoon

Wild Night OutWild Night Out

My Wild Night Out actually became a 'Wild Art-ternoon' and took place roughly 10 minutes walk from where I live in Somerset. I had planned to sleep out in my hammock, but I couldn't get my dog to get into it and the place I chosen had a massive badger set…