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Teammate Wanted for Drive to Dakar

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My team mate pulled out unfortunately, she had financial issues. 

Great driving expedition from UK to The Arctic Circle, to Dakar, Africa.
No cost apart from splitting the fuel bill down the middle.

Team mate required who would like to be a part of a charity adventure driving from UK to Dakar, Senegal via The Arctic Circle.  15,000 miles for Charity, the challenge is free to enter #justaddfuel.  All details on the website.

June 16th 2017 to August 9th 2017

Follow a pre determined route, wild camp (if the country allows), convoy of vehicles, unsupported.  No restriction on vehicle, can be a car, van, 4x4, motorbike.

Whole route 2 months, can be joined for any of the 4 Stages.

Dates: 16th June 2017 - 9th August 2017

This is a none commercial event.
I am doing this in aid of Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK

Others can choose their own charities.

Website:  http://www.dakarodyssey.com/

Email Matt at: dakarodyssey@gmail.com