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Teammates Wanted for Oslo Nordmarka

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I'm making a last minute trip to Norway and will be exploring the forests surrounding Oslo between 20 and 27 Nov, for wildlife watching and tracking. The Nordmarka, forests just 20 mins outside the city centre, are home to lynx, wolf, elk, deer and red squirrel. I'm also aiming to do some cross country skiiing.

Some experience of hiking in cold weather is needed and experience of forest navigation would be a plus but not necessary. Must have a passion for wildlife watching and be happy for a pace which prioritises chances of seeing wildlife rather than 'getting to the top.'

I'm a 38 year old female, looking for 1-2 like minded people to join me for some or all of the week.

This is a non-commercial trip with each person responsible for their own expenses. Hoping to do it on as small a budget as possible.

If interested please email beth.collier@hotmail.co.uk