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From Fire to Ice

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The From Fire To Ice expedition will be the first time a burns survivor will attempt to reach the South Pole unsupported while conducting medical research tests.

The team hope to complete Shackleton's unfinished journey.On January 2010 while working in Zanzibar Robs life changed forever. The generator that was powering his house exploded and whilst trying to escape set him on fire. Rob sustained a 43% Total Body Surface Area burn. He spent the next 10 days In Dar es Salaam but with the lack of specialised burns medical care, felt life slipping away. A commercial airline took pity on him and flew him back on a standard flight to the UK where they were told He would be dead on arrival. Somehow Rob survived the flight and was transported to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. With only a 27% chance of survival the fantastic staff fought to save his life.

He was put into an induced coma for a few weeks and spent about a month in intensive care. After spending around 5 months in hospital in London (and 1 year in total) He had to learn to walk again and started to piece his life back together. At this point Rob was introduced to a charity called Dans Fund For Burns (DFFB). They were able to help him and provide the support that He so desperately needed. It has been 5 years and 31 operations later that Rob is finally physically in the position to give back. The From Fire to Ice expedition aims to generate money for DFFB from the very people it was set up to support.During December 2016 extending into January 2017, the team will be flown from Punta Arenas at the southern tip of South America to the Antarctic base camp at Union Glacier. After a few days further preparation we shall fly by Twin Otter to latitude 8823S. the furthest point South that Shackleton reached. The team will then live under canvas, travelling on ski, towing sledges of supplies 112 statute miles to the South Pole.Please come follow us on facebook.com/fromfiretoiceAny questions then feel free to ask!