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In New Zealand for 3 years

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

I am looking for a tramping partner for a walk that will be lasting 3 years. I have tramped in a group before. It was fun but it lacked solitude and flexibility. I enjoy walking alone. I walked the Te Araroa trail alone except for the first few weeks. But when I would pitch my tent up in the evenings and eat my hot noodles + cous-cous, I would miss someone to talk with. For this walk, I am looking for a tramper to join me from start to finish.I know 3 years would be a long time to be walking together.

We are both human and our personalities might clash at times but important thing would be to see the job through. Being together on the trail for all that time would be a huge test on our patience and devotion...So if this walk interests you then you need to get in touch. I would like to learn about your tramping past and how you plan to manage supporting yourself for 3 years. Then it will be important that we sit down and work on the route and gear-list.

We may even be able to meet and tramp a few trails sometime in May before we start on the expedition.Like me if you are not a kiwi then we may need to apply for our visas together.Please visit http://900days900huts.info/ for information