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Expedition partner - young person 17-20

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In this expedition I hope to cycle across 11 countries, 2 continents covering some 4000 miles from Europe across into Asia and the Middle East. This will be a very amazing achievement and a once in a life time opportunity. The explorer Mark Beumont commented on our expedition: From Somerset to Jerusalem has the making of a wonderful pilgrimage and a brilliant adventure. I wish William tailwinds and open doors as he pedals his way across Europe, always remembering when things get tough that the best memories are made in the journey and not the destination. The explorer Alistair Humphreys also commented: William is undertaking a fantastic challenge, both mental and physical by cycling from Somerset to Jerusalem. It will be a difficult, daunting adventure and I wish him all the best of luck with his fundraising for Mary's Meals We will be cycling through a number of amazing places experiencing some of the cultural capitals of the world including Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Budapest, Istanbul and finally the center of the world Jerusalem. Therefore, this trip will include not only hard graft but also fun, plus No pain means No glory. This is an experience to visit some of the most interesting places on earth, in one of the most interesting fashions, as part of a medieval concept 'The pilgrimage'. Thus, this trip will be a unique and truly amazing life experience. Having researched the route, I intend to fly from Bristol to Amsterdam, turn south to follow the Rhine cycle route, cycle to Vienna, then follow the Danube cycle route to the black sea, follow the black sea southwards to Istanbul, cross main land Turkey (Anatolia) to the south coast, catch the ferry to Cyprus consequently staying in our apartments in Cyprus to have a bit of holiday (This is a chance for you as families to possibly join us), cross Cyprus, catch the ferry to Haifa or fly to Tel Aviv, Israel and cycle straight to Jerusalem