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The Cambridge Zanskar Expedition

CommunityJames Hipkiss

We are four fearless Cambridge University undergraduates undertaking an ambitious research expedition to the Zanskar region of Ladakh.

We will be spending six weeks in this remote area of the Indian Himalayas researching the impacts of climate change on remote communities. Our primary goal is to conduct undergraduate level research about resilience and adaptation strategies to changing water supply related to climate change. However, the expedition will be made up of smaller projects under the theme of the social narratives on climate change. The proposed projects include an anthropological and historical approach to understanding factors in environmental management and a livestock survey project. We are committed to ensuring that the expedition has a greater purpose beyond our academic interests.

We wish to bring our experiences to a wide audience, both in the UK and also in Ladakh by a blogging and creating a documentary project and to collaborate with local educational NGOs and charitable projects.

Follow our progress on twitter @camzanskarexped and take a look at our website for more information www.cambridgezanskarexpedition.wordpress.com