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Sailing Expedition to the Arctic islands of Lofoten, Senja and Vesterolen

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Lofoten, Senja and Vesterolen Islands - 15 days on board a 47ft yacht with a highly experienced crewDates: 23 Aug - 6 Sept 2014This two weeks long sailing expedition to the Norwegian Arctic islands of Lofoten, Vesterolen and Senja is the first of its kind in the area. This is a rare chance to photograph wild coastal locations inaccessible to others. To us sailing is the most logical way to fully experience these stunning islands.We will sail onboard a very comfortable 47ft yacht (built in 2009) in a small group of maximum 6 participants + a crew of 3. The the expedition will be guided by the Arctic photographer Vlad Donkov and the seasoned Arctic skippers Dominik Bac and Wojtek Jarosinski.Route:The adventure starts in Tromso, Norway.Week one: Tromso - Senja Island - Andoya Island - Vesterolen Islands - Svolvaer (Lofoten)Week two: Full circumnavigation of the Lofoten Islands. Start and finish in Svolvaer.Check the route map in the comments below.Using an inflatable boat with an outboard engine, we will be landing at wild beaches and explore our surroundings on foot. Sailing presents us plenty of opportunities to reach locations only accessible by sea! There are very good chances of observing sperm whales, orca and minke whales, as well as dolphins and seals! The white-tailed eagles will frequently keep us company while hunting for puffins and fish.You will benefit from the knowledge of the Arctic photographer Vlad Donkov, who has spent more than a year on these islands in all seasons since 2008. Those of you who know or want to learn a thing or two about sailing will have the fantastic opportunity to assist the skippers Dominik Bac and Wojciech Jarosinski. Dominik's successful sailing expeditions to The Northwest Passage, the Americas, Patagonia and Antarctica have been reported in detail by National Geographic and numerous other publications! Read more about the team here:http://www.verticalshotexpeditions.com/team/The sailing adventure is suitable for people without any previous sailing experience (thanks to having two skippers onboard) - though you should be adventurous by nature and ready to endure long days. This expedition is about chasing great light and experiencing places that most people never get to see.We will experience the long Arctic days and maybe even some Aurora Borealis, amazing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes all that happening while sailing on a state of the art yacht. We will be sailing with a crew of 3 guides and a group of maximum 7 likeminded adventurers. Have a look at the route map and get in touch with us (via personal message or using the contacts page on our expedition website) for any questions that you may have. Most of the basic details about this expedition are listed below. We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard the yacht!For more details about the yacht, our route and the crew - visithttp://www.verticalshotexpeditions.com/sailing-photo-expedition-lofoten-senja(this is the page for new year's photography expedition)Email us at:basecamp@vsexpeditions.com