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Gulf/Keys Row

How-to, FundingJames Hipkiss


In 2012 I rowed on board The Limited Intelligence, an ocean row boat which has successfully completed three ocean crossings.

Ours was a much shorter trip, about 6 days of rowing through the Florida Keys. We spent a day on the Atlantic during the duration of the trip and enjoyed the experiences, from battling storms at the start to encountering marine wildlife.

This gave me a taste for open ocean rowing and I would love to complete a longer journey in the future.


Wanted - Ocean Rowing Boat

CommunityJames Hipkiss

We are developing methods of righting inverted boats which have flooded. What we need from the Ocean rowing community is the donation of a rowing boat we can conduct experiments on.

All equipment can be striped off, we can even make boats watertight again. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee returning the boat in a usable condition. So if you have an old boat sat slowly rotting in your garden, which in your heart of hearts you know will not sell; why not donate it for the development of ocean rowing safety?

Any ideas on the righting of flooded boats are also welcome. Contact Crispin on contact@rossiteryachts.co.uk