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Crossing the Atlantic on a bouncy castle

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"A truly wacky adventure that will push the limits of the weird and wonderful" - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

I have been approaching potential sponsors for some time now though it seems the idea is perhaps a little too silly for any brand to take seriously, I do however have some glowing endorsements:

"A crazy stunt, that only the mad dogs and Englishmen can come up with!" - Sir David Hempleman-Adams

You may be aware of the Kon-Tiki expedition, and the numerous rafting expeditions that followed it crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A bouncy castle could also essentially make a good raft, if designed to the right specification (wind speeds/sea states up to force 7), by the right people (henshaw.co.uk, they build RIB's and landing craft for the MOD and UK special forces, US navy, Norwegian navy, Bear Grylls etc), with the right ballast and safety kit (+support boat). If launched in the right place (Cape Verde) at the right time (January 2018) the craft would, by following the Atlantic trade winds and north equatorial current reach the Caribbean in a little less than 2 months. To summarise, I would like to cross the Atlantic on a bouncy castle, though clearly bonkers the science says this will work and can be executed safely.

I have been working in association with Alleycats.tv and strangethoughts.co.uk Bristol who recently got us featured in this CNET article following their selection by Creative England.

About the expedition

- The expedition would depart from Cape Verde in January 2018 (or January 2019 if this is too tight a deadline) and should take around 2 months to make the crossing. It is essential to catch the dry season weather window between January and April (as opposed to hurricane season which would be a bad idea for obvious reasons). Any participants would also need to make themselves available for training/testing prior to departure.

- As you can probably imagine this is not a commercial tour company expedition, I will ask for no more than your share of the expedition costs (most likely I will still pay the larger share).

- Also I would like to raise some money for charity by doing this, I will be happy to make which charity a group decision provided it is a proper charity that helps either people or the environment.

Get in touch

Email: info@transatlanticbouncycastle.com

Website: transatlanticbouncycastle.com