Explorers Connect

Explorers Connect 10th Birthday Party

Wild Night Out

It was wonderful to celebrate 10 years of Explorers Connect, deep in the woods with friends from our beautiful community, hearing of the adventures big and small - some in the planning stages and others that have already ticked off the bucket list - that have all happened as a result of the connections made through the great folk here.

We welcomed new faces and caught up with old ones while toasting marshmallows - and a wheel of brie, of course - around the campfires, all whist keeping our thirst firmly at bay.

A weekend was spent across myriad outdoor activities, including shooting arrows at targets, learning our way around an air rifle, building a replica of the world our of willow, making fires, learning what to do in a desert with no map (aka natural navigation), climbing trees, meeting some pretty cool birds of prey, and having the noisiest silent disco in the west!

All fuelled by the warmth of our community. Beautiful times. And if you want to join us for our next party, we’ll be heading to Cornwall at the end of summer.

Here is a selection of some of the best pics - credit to Greg Childs