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How to Choose a MicroAdventure Spot

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Kit list:
1. OS map
2. Tea and biscuits
3. A sense of adventure

What to do:
If you know where you want to go, buy and Ordnance Survey map. In this digital age, though, nothing beats unfolding a giant paper map and dreaming big - all this while spilling biscuit crumbs and tea! Use this alongside a map of train routes if you are using trains. If you don't have a good map, there are plenty of really good online resources. Find a station in a pretty rural area that goes from your local train station. Perhaps even choose a station that your commute passes through but you know nothing about. Now consider how far you are willing to walk or cycle from the station to where you want to spend the night. Use this distance to narrow your search. 

What to look for in a good microadventure spot:
1. Lots of contour lines with a flat bit on top
2. Walls to hide behind
3. Green areas of woodland
4. Blue areas of water
5. Footpaths leading off the road and into quieter areas

And remember...
The dark is the microadventurer's friend! Once darkness has fallen, you can just stroll out of the town, fish and chips in hand, and hop over a wall into the first field you find. Like so many things in life, the anticipation of wild camping is so much more difficult than the reality of it. I did it on the majority of the days of my 4 year cycle around the world and on many, many nights in the UK as well. Once you have tried a couple of times you will get over your nerves and relish the joy of finding a good spot. 

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