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Win a Place on an Arctic Oceans Research Expedition

Join a TeamBecky Goodall

Narwhal Expeditions, run by EC-er Katherine Knight, are running an initiative for one person to win a place on an arctic research sailing expedition, tackling plastic pollution in the frozen wilderness of Svalbard.

Narwhal Expeditions run sailing expeditions in the most remote parts of the world, with the aim of inspiring people to take on their own adventures and to protect our wonderful ocean environment. People have said that despite their passion for adventure and the environment, funding is the stumbling block preventing them from being able to take part. So this is their solution…

The concept is simple, pledge £5 to their crowdfunder initiative and you will be in with a chance to win a place on their arctic ocean research expedition sailing from Svalbard to northern Norway, researching and tackling plastic pollution as we go. Their aim is to provide one passionate ocean lover with the experience of a lifetime. Maybe it will be the spark that starts a groundbreaking ocean researcher, environmentalist or sailing explorer on their path.

You can make a pledge and to be in with a chance of winning a place on the arctic expedition here.