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Seeking Adventurers to Interview for YouTube Channel

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My name is Linda, and I write from a company called The Adventure People.

We have started a series on YouTube called “Meeting Adventurers”, where we interview people who have been on a big adventure or adventure full time.

For example, Anna Blackwell who kayaked the continent, Jessica Hepburn who swam the English Channel and is doing Everest next and Adrian Bell who is doing the 7 summits, etc. You can see the channel here.

We’re now looking for more adventurers to interview! Ideally in our studio in Brixton, London.

You don’t have to be a professional adventurer, we’re simply looking for people who are passionate about one or many of the adventures they’ve done - or one coming up!

We don’t profit from these videos, and we unfortunately don’t have a budget for them at the moment, but we share on social media to 40K+ followers with links to blogs, fundraisers etc.

We’re also building a team of adventurers for the near future when we’ve grown a bit more, whom we can hopefully work with on a long term basis where opportunities are endless!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email me on linda@theadventurepeople.com Even if you don’t live in London just get in touch and maybe we can plan something for the future.