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Volunteer Film Crew & Photographer Wanted

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In March of this year (21st March to 8th April) a team of veterans suffering from PTSD will attempt to drive the original Dakar Rally route of the 1990's in £500 budget cars! Their vehicles of choice are 2 wheel drive Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partners - basically Postman Pat vans! 

We are seeking the following volunteer positions on the team to film and photograph this challenging adventure:

  • Film Maker        
  • Drone Pilot        
  • Photographer    

As with the rest of the Support Crew we are asking that you cover your own food and accommodation costs, but Driven to Extremes will be able to cover your travel expenses - ferry passage, vehicle and fuel. Food needs to be budgeted at around £10 to £20 per day. Accommodation budgeted at around £20 to £30 per night, although of the 18 nights, 4 are likely to be be bush camping, 3 are in Gibraltar (hopefully courtesy of the British military) and 1 is in Rabat (hopefully courtesy of the British Embassy). This would just leave 10 nights to be paid for.

If this is of interest, please contact Mac on mac@maxadventure.co.uk

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