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Can you help locate an elusive Inca Trail?

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Jacki Hill-Murphy is hoping to find a wilderness survival guide/team mate to join an all-female expedition in August/September 2018. This is a mature team although a high level of health and fitness is required as it is not an expedition for the faint-hearted. It is not a commercial trip; it is an opportunity, the chance to visit one of the wildest places on earth. Participant must be willing to be filmed.

This expedition aims to locate an elusive Inca Trail through the Llanganatis Park in the Andes of Ecuador, following in the footsteps of Isabella Brooks, circa 1920. The land is so harsh people are rarely seen, the goal is to track down Valverde’s trail and follow it through this wild and unexplored region of the Andes. This area is highly difficult to reach and is traversed only by foot as there are a large number of rivers, emptying out the Andes, making it difficult to cross. 

There is a 500-year-old map with a dotted line and an X that marks the spot of King Atahualpa’s hidden gold ransom, but the team is interested in the tough trail that apparently leads to the treasure. The terrain is swampy, with mountainous jungle, there are no modern maps and the land is uninhabitable and very inhospitable. Wildlife includes puma, wolves and the spectacled, or Andean, bear. Please contact Jacki at info@adventuresses.com if you match the required criteria.