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Team-mates/Trades in New York, Hong Kong, Dubai or Perth

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I am a over year into travelling without money by exchanging my professional photography for all my living and travel needs (food, accommodation, transport etc) in a back-to-back series of 'Trades'.

Some upcoming/already completed Trades are covering my way to a few new locations/continents over the next few months while also providing large windows to find new trades/projects in the area while there.

So this is a shout out to any Explorers Connect connections who might be or know someone interested in trading to join the project based in/near the following or even other nearby countries!

New York (19th Sep - 9th Oct) 
Hong Kong (10th Oct - ?)
Dubai ( 8th Nov - ?)
Perth (Not confirmed, I'm just aiming for it)

Project website explains everything if interested. The Glass Passport Project