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Support team/fellow paddlers to join floating bike on the Thames

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A member of the Explorers Connect community, Dhruv Boruah, is cycling the Thames on a floating bike collecting litter and raising awareness of plastic pollution. 

Dhruv is out there right now and has asked us to help get the word out, so maybe some other Explorers Connect members could offer him a meal, bed for the night or simply a bit of moral support by paddling with him. He says

"Check my route and come say hello. Please bring me some food and dry clothes hehe!

Here's how to contact me https://www.thethamesproject.org/get-involved/

 or try finding me on Facebook I am friends with Belinda and other Explorers Connect community members

Here's the bike https://youtu.be/g6A8XQCkhgc

From 17 - 28th September 2017