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The Best Grants for Botanists

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Passionate about flora? You might be eligible to receive help to fund your hobby.

Bentham-Moxon Trust

Grants of about £2,000 to support work that will aid the work of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. Fund plant collection and field research expeditions; overseas plant experts working at Kew; travel to botanical institutions and travel to and presenting at conferences. For more information see here.

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Training Grants

Grants of up to £250 to fund plant-lovers to go on botany courses. This one is for non-professionals! See here for more information. 

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Research Grants

Small grants made to research projects, including those of amateurs. To find out more about how to apply. click here.

The Wildflower Society of Great Britain:

Small grants for those aged 18-25. To find out more, click here.