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Best Grants for Creatives

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Are you an artist, photographer, film-maker or craftsperson? Do you love travel? You're in luck! Check out the grants below to see if you are eligible for a stipend. 

RGS and Radio 4 Journey of a Lifetime Grant

A £5,000 grant for an original journey, with the opportunity to turn it into a Radio 4 show on completion. Recent awardees include a cello being taken from Romania to India and a Polaroid photography project in the Pitcairn Islands. For more information see here.

The SES Neville Schulman Film Award

A £7,000 grant for a film-maker for their part in an expedition. Involved in the planning of a scientific or geographical research expedition, the winner will produce a short film to communicate the planning and results to a wider audience. Pre and post production workshops will be provided. To find out more, see here.

The SES Elodie Sandford Award

A grant of over £8,000 for an amateur photographer to join an expedition or to pay for a trip that they have planned. The focus of the photography will be on the plight of indigenous people, flora or fauna. The winner will demonstrate the value of adding a photography element to the trip; they will also have a plan for the wide sharing of the images upon their return. For more, see here

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Design Awards

Grants of up to £6,000 made to interior designers, architects, product or graphic designers to travel abroad and learn from what is going on in these countries. See here for more.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Crafts & Makers Awards

Awards of up to £6,000 made to specialised craftspeople who will benefit from travel to meet others of the same profession to share ideas, skills and innovation. There are two places set aside for carpenters to learn new skills. More information can be found here.

National Geographic Storytelling Grants

Grants of up to $30,000 (~£24,000) toward project costs of photographers, film-makers, journalists, cartographers and data visualisers. For more, see here.