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Teammates wanted for Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike

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I plan to hike the above long distance wilderness trail in 2019 which will take around 5-6 months to complete.  It is 2,650 miles long and runs along the western part of the US from the Mexican border up to the Canadian border.  It will involve setting off at the end of April and should end towards the end of October.  

Thru-hikers need to carry everything with them and be prepared to wild camp although there are re-supply points along the way.  Beautiful scenery, and an epic adventure although be aware that bears, rattlesnakes and mountain lions are present (they usually run/slither off pretty quickly though, I'm told!).

I am a Type 1 Diabetic so, in the interests of safety, would prefer to hike with a teammate or teammates. No prior experience needed, just a resolve to get as fit as possible prior to the hike, to get some training in terms of navigation and the use of an ice axe as well as ensuring you have all the required lightweight kit.

Anyone interested or who needs further info then please contact me at shepherdh@rocketmail.com

This is not a commercial venture.