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Teammates Wanted for Philippines Adventure

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Seeking one or more companions to climb through the jungle forest to the summit (1009m) of Mount Iraya volcano, Basco, Batanes Islands, Northern Philippines. And also to attempt access and climb/scramble to the summit of the small volcano on Diogo Island. Diogo is uninhabited and there are no beaches to land boats on, therefore to get there involves chartering a fishing boat to take us near, where we swim ashore. Hoping the fishing boat waits for our return.

I'm a botanist studying 4 species of palm in these islands and Taiwan islands. I'm very familiar with the palms on Lanyu Island Taiwan, and I need to compare these with the Batanes' palms.

You don't need any special skills to join me, though I'd prefer you to have some. You would need to be physically fit enough. I have experience and sufficient qualifications – Mountain Leader, First-aid etc…

You'll need a hammock-tent, one with mosquito net and rain-tarp.

The total duration in the Philippines should be about a week. However, I shall be in Taiwan prior to going there and you may like to join me there. I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and have access to a car in Taiwan. I shall be spending a few days on Lanyu Island, and probably a couple of climbs (walks) on the Taiwan mainland prior to the Philippines.

I must explain that I'm looking for company for the Batanes mainly for safety reasons, it is a bit of a risky one. Otherwise, I'm quite used to doing these trips solo and have visited Lanyu many times. From my research Mount Iraya and Lanyu are very similar. Lanyu being the steeper but shorter (500m) climb through the jungle.

I'd prefer it if you were to assist in the planning. We'll be in the rainforest for at least 2 nights on Iraya, 3-4 nights on Lanyu, only hours on Diogo, and any treks in Taiwan will be over-nighters. Your hammock will be used every night. Driving round Taiwan will need the odd stay in hotels.

Timing can be any time from February to September. I've not set a date, but also have many travel commitments this year, so might need to be next year.

This is a non-commercial expedition, costs will be shared equally between the members of the team.

Please contact me (Phil) using this online contact form: