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Teammates Wanted for First All-Arab Everest Ascent

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I'm looking to form a Middle East/Arab team to climb Mount Everest.

It would be the first climb of its kind with an all Arab crew, plus the fact that there has been only 1 summit that has ever happened for countries like Egypt, Morocco Lebanon etc. and some countries have yet to have a person from their country summit.

I am looking for anyone (male and female) who's in good physical shape who has had the dream/desire to climb Mount Everest. Experienced mountaineers welcome also.

Ideally what would happen, is that once a group of likeminded people, whether experienced or beginner has been formed, then we would do training climbs together, and we will look at experienced company/guide to take us up everest.

Dates for starting to prepare would be sometime next year for as long as it takes for this expedition to materialize.

Contact details : helmyelsaeed@gmail.com

This is a non commercial adventure.