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Teammates Wanted for Negev Desert Crossing

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The Negev is a 13,000 square kilometre desert in the south of Israel. During November and December 2016 I will be attempting to undertake a 400km trek crossing the length of this region, wild camping along the way.

I am looking for a couple of enthusiastic individuals to be part of the team, with the following traits:

• A good level of fitness, capable of trekking with a 15kg - 20kg rucksack for 6 to 8 hours a day.

• Previous expedition experience.

• Willingness to wild camp for an extended period - temperatures will drop below 0 degrees celsius during the night.

• Believer in the ‘leave no trace’ ethic.

Expedition Dates: 21st November 2016 - 9th December 2016

Expedition Cost: Circa £600 (to cover flights, food, water caches, in-country transport & camping accommodation).

Please note the 'Israel passport stamp' concern is something of a myth. We will be flying into (and out of) Tel Aviv where landing cards are issued rather than passports being stamped. Therefore there will be no evidence of your visit to Israel in your passport and therefore no future issues in entering other countries.

If interested or for further information then please contact Neil at necox201 [at] googlemail.com

Note this is a non-commercial expedition.