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Teammate Wanted for a Transatlantic Vintage Plane Crossing

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Are you an experienced twin-rated (MEP) pilot who fancies joining a team of like-minded adventurers for a flight across the Atlantic in a vintage Beech 18 carrying a hot-air balloon?

Anybody keen to join should have the following qualifications and ratings:

➢ Preferably UK-issued licence: one of PPL(A), CPL(A) or ATPL. 
➢ Significant hours of tail-wheel experience.
➢ MEP (Multi-Engine Piston) rating is essential. 
➢ Ferry experience, preferably North Atlantic.
➢ Adventurous minded without compromising safety and a desire to fit into a mixed but hugely interesting team.
➢ Willing to explore the world by aeroplane and balloon!

For more info on the aeroplane and the project visit: onthebeech.blogspot.co.uk or view this short trailer: https://vimeo.com/167637048

Contact us:

Allie and Phil Dunnington


Or call us on +44-7776202731 (Allie) or Phil on +44-7785775624.