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How Adventure Opened My Eyes

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It all started on my first adventure. Long story short, I got completely lost during a Three Peaks challenge and had to spend the night in a survival bag on the side of Scafell Pike.  The whole experience made me reflect on my life and the path I was heading down, so I decided to make a change.

I ended a long-term relationship and took a 6-month sabbatical to volunteer for a Raleigh International in Borneo.  My Borneo adventure was incredible: primary rainforest, jungle animals, humbling people and the meeting of lifelong friends.  I learnt so much about myself, grew in confidence and even learnt bush craft and wild camping skills.  I pushed myself mentally and physically out of my comfort zone, and learned the meaning of type two fun.

I returned with such energy and passion for the outdoors.  I found Explorers Connect online, stumbling upon the websitewhile looking for a new challenge.  It was just what I needed.  I went to a Bristol meet up and I was hooked.  An energetic group of likeminded people who love the outdoors and adventure!

I became a member straight away.  Since joining, I have tried so many new things, learned new skills and new hobbies such as stand-up paddleboarding, wild swimming, rock climbing and mountain biking.   I have been on a few trips, skiing in Tignes and, of course, to Base Camp Festival.

Base Camp Festival is incredible: when I leave, I go away with a head full of ideas and thoughts ready to put into action.   The speakers are so inspiring and make you believe that anything is possible.   I tried activities such as caving, abseiling, and foraging.  After Base Camp 2015 I felt so energised and planned a year of adventure and challenges: an Arctic marathon and holiday in Norway as well as an ultra-marathon.

For me it is about being outside, in the elements, with nature, in my own head and thoughts.  This enables me to wash away the complexities of life, reconnect to myself, and be content.  I love to push myself and try new things.

I would thoroughly recommend Explorers Connect and Base Camp Festival to everyone. Not only does it connect you to like-minded people and offer incredible organised adventures to take part in, it also gives you the opportunity to be inspired and create adventures of your own.

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