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How Adventure Helped Me Approach Life More Positively

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Explorers Connect member Mike tells us how adventure helped him to overhaul his life for the better

I joined Explorers Connect in February 2015 and although I had always enjoyed the beauty of the great outdoors and in particular mountain activities, I had never been part of a group.

Life before EC was very different, I’d had a few emotional knock backs, as I’m sure most of us do through modern society - Collapse of a long-term relationship and the knock on affect with family and friends and an unfulfilling job. I seemed to be wondering aimlessly around in a baron desert without a compass! I was feeling very detached, very alone and my self-confidence was at an all time low. So after spending too much time in self-persecution mode I decided I needed to make a change – It was time to re-establish myself.

The easy bit was making that decision in my head but finding the motivation and resolve to do it was something completely different! I waxed and waned for ages until I had a break through: ‘what if I can combine my passion of outdoor activity with meeting people?’, I thought. I remember feeling very excited when I discovered EC online, it seemed to tick all the boxes: a community of like minded people sharing the passion!

Despite the feeling of trepidation, I took the leap and booked on EC’s Winter Skills course in the Cairngorms although I did wonder how comfortable sleeping in a snow hole might be! I have to admit of being very anxious in the build up, but once I arrived my fears and concerns were quickly replaced with encouragement and fun. It was truly an incredible experience, which taught me two very important things: 1) The importance of being part of something, a community of like-minded people and 2) The incredible sense of achievement having done something outside of my comfort zone.

Needless to say I went onto book numerous other events with EC. I spent a weekend away in a lighthouse, perched precariously on a remote headland. I also abseiling 75 metres into a cave, crawling through tiny spaces and climbing up waterfalls - now that did get my heart rate up!

I have to say that being part of EC has been pivotal in my personal development and well-being. I now live life with much more purpose and conviction, which has become self-fulfilling prophecy of motivation, regardless of the outcome! That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you try and fail but it does matter if you don’t try because you’ll never know and more importantly never GROW. This journey has given me the self-belief and confidence to change my career path. I had been an engineer for 30 years and I’m now pursuing my dreams as a life coach. I now work with people passionate about adventure and activities - helping them overcome fear or lack of confidence so they too can also pursue their dreams.

Belinda and the team have created such a friendly and inspiring community reaching activity lovers of all levels, from exploring your local city campsite to climbing Kilimanjaro. Share the passion and connect with like-minded people!