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Our team is preparing The Longest Swim; Ben Lecomte's attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco. To achieve this 5500-mile journey, Ben will swim 8h a day for approximately 6 months, and be escorted by 7 crew members on board our support vessel Discoverer, a 67ft steel-hulled sailing yacht. 

The Longest Swim will also be the first citizen science expedition of its kind, as we will contribute to oceanic and medical research by doing samplings for 12 scientific institutions including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 

You will find further information about the project by visiting our website (http://thelongestswim.com/) and downloading our press kit.

In addition to the swim itself, the challenge for us was to find a boat that could safely handle 6 months non-stop unsupported offshore sailing, and provide enough space for our crew, supplies and equipment. As part of the original fleet of the legendary Challenge Business, Discoverer ticked all the boxes for us, and we have spent the last 3 months in Lymington, UK to acquire and prepare her for the job. We are now about to sail to the US for a last refit, before crossing the Pacific to Tokyo, and get ready to start the swim from there next Spring. 

We are now assembling our team for the adventure. Our objective is to find the right mix of people who will be able to live, work, and suffer together, and have fun for 6 months unsupported on a 67ft sailboat in the North Pacific. Except the availability for such a commitment, our priority is to look for people with good offshore sailing experience and/or medical skills to take care of Ben and the crew. 

We want to leave Tokyo with a total confidence in our team, since we know it will define either the success or the failure of the challenge. Therefore, we are looking for people who would be available for at least one of our initial ocean crossings, in addition to the swim. 

Our estimated timeframe and stops, which are provisional dependent on progress and weather conditions, are:

Mid-December: Departure from Lymington (UK)

End of December: Canaries 

Mid-January: Saint Lucia

End of January: Panama Canal

Mid-February: San Diego

We will spend a month in San Diego to fit our boat with new communications systems, scientific equipment, and refine our final crew selection.

March: Departure from San Diego

Spring: Departure of The Longest Swim from Tokyo

Summer: Arrival at San Francisco

This is a non-commercial expedition, however all appropriate and reasonable expenses will be covered by the project.

Please send your application and CV to paul@thelongestswim.com