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Campaign for New Technology to Save the Ocean and End World Famine

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

The global fishing industry wreaks havoc on the oceans and the environment. Aquaculture isnt much better, since it causes extreme pollution and breeds diseases that also befall wild fish stocks.Bio-engineers have been developing ways to grow animal tissue in vitro (in vitro cultured meat) that could be used for human consumption. In the future meat and fish could be grown without killing animals and without causing harm to the environment. www.new-harvest.org.My aim is to set up a swimming exhibition and garner support for in-vitro-grown fish as an alternative to fishing or aquaculture.

THE CHALLENGE:I seek team mates to sail with me to different locations in Europe to raise publicity and garner support for in-vitro fish research. We need to charter a sailing boat, set up a swimming exhibition and advertise this in different harbours across Europe.COSTS:Costs for chartering a sailing boat will apply. I expect costs to be around 1000-2000 Euro per person.