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Companion for remote wilderness stay

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Hi adventurers,

I'm currently looking for a companion to join me on a remote wilderness stay on the Canadian west coast for about 2-6 months.This is an adventure for someone who is interested in spending quiet time in a beautiful remote wilderness region.The expedition takes place in a remote corner of a fjord region on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We will be comfortably based in a rustic research cabin along the shores of a fjord, surrounded by ancient temperate rainforest, very mountainous terrain and an adjacent river valley. It is an incredibly beautiful and ecologically rich place with lots of wildlife.The stay in that place combines a wilderness living experience with a wildlife research project and raising awareness for the ecological importance of this pristine region.

The main base will be the cabin but the area will be explored by kayak and by foot.Tasks/ Things to do: Observing wildlife, taking care of the cabin and some research equipment, exploring, kayaking, hiking, fishing, taking photos, recording video, writing, personal projects,daily tasks...This is not a paid position. I am looking for someone with a true love of nature, an adventurous, passionate and gentle attitude who has the time and spirit to be my team mate on this wilderness experience with some research projects. The only expenses will be food anda few pieces of equipment. There will be lots of time to work on personal creative projects related or unrelated to this experience.