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Lofoten Islands by RIB Boat - Photography Expedition During the Polar Night

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Lofoten Islands by RIB Boat - Photography Expedition During the Polar NightDastes: 08 - 14 December 2014The Arctic photographer Vlad Donkov, a long-time explorer of Lofoten who has spent more than a year on the islands altogether, will take you to the locations that others simply don't get to together with a seasoned local skipper you will sail on a powerful RIB boat. On top of that, we are going there at a time when the islands are nearly deserted during the polar night!In 2012 Vlad was appointed by HASSELBLAD to photograph the island of Moskenes (West Lofoten) during the dark time of the year for 2 weeks. His photographs were then published in the prestigious HASSELBLAD Bulletin. This assignment was the core inspiration for the upcoming expedition.At this time of the year, the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis are greater and you could photograph the stunning landscape literally around the clock as there is no harsh light at any time. The polar night is an experience on its own! Most people never fully imagine what it is like to have no sunrises and sunsets: For several hours a day the sun stays just below the horizon and it feels like an eternal dusk.Based in the picturesque town of Reine, we will be exploring the nearby fjords and south coast of Moskenes by a large RIB boat (on one of the days we will sail on a steel boat) - check the route map . On clear nights we will keep our eyes peeled for more of the Northern Lights experience in Reine. Lofoten's trademark in winter is the constantly changing weather: In just 30 minutes time it is quite normal to encounter a snowstorm, ice, rain, clear skies and Aurora Borealis all that you need for a dramatic shot.We at Vertical Shot Expeditions are happy to be creating the first ever Lofoten photography expeditions by a sailing yacht in summer and by a RIB boat in winter this is the first of its kind tour and the places are limited to just 5!More about the expedition leader and the team.