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Build a Nursery School in Cameroon

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Are you up for a challenge? Enjoy a bit of manual labour? (no previous skills or experience required) Enjoy meeting new people and working as a team? From 8th Nov to 23rd Nov 2014 This is a two-week project helping to provide a building for a nursery school in the Manjo area of the Littoral region of Cameroon. The nursery school does not currently have its own building and instead borrows some facilities from a nearby primary school. The primary school currently houses two nursery classes in one room and the children must use the older children's toilet which leads to over-use and poor hygiene. The project aims to construct at least two classrooms from brick and concrete which offer better protection for the children and a safe, dry and hygienic environment in which to learn and play. Registration fee = 300 Minimum Donation = 750 Total = 1,000 The registration fee covers all accommodation during the AidCamp, food while you are at the project base, all ground transport between the collection point and the project and back and during the AidCamp, and scheduled itinerary costs. At least 66% of the minimum donation will be used directly for the implementation of the aid project itself, the remainder being used to fund further research trips, outreach work and the administration of the charity. In addition, 100% of any donation(s) above the minimum will go directly to the project. To learn and see more about AidCamps and this particular project, please visit the website We are particularly keen to hear from members of the Explorers Connect community so please mention Explorers Connect when you contact us.