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Zambezi River Challenge

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Enduring sweltering heat, blistered hands, high humidity and harsh conditions, you will paddle mokoros (traditional dug out wooden canoes) and inflatable kayaks on the upper river towards Victoria Falls, negotiating unforgiving rapids and dodging myriad wildlife including crocodiles and the most aggressive and dangerous animals in Africa the hippo!

On the fourth day you will switch to inflatable rafts and continue to paddle towards the Falls, wild camping by the banks of the river by night. Your challenge climatically ends with the daunting prospect of rafting below the Falls in the notorious Batoka Gorge, the most challenging and tempestuous white water rapids in the world. In the local Tonga dialect, Zambezi River means Great River. Being the fourth longest river in Africa, flowing 2700kms through six countries on its way from North-Western Zambia to the Indian Ocean, much of it remains mysterious and unexplored.The upper section of this great river is dotted with islands and braided with narrow fast flowing channels as well as crystal clear water. You will paddle your way along the border with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, steadily heading towards the Falls.

The spectacular environment, teaming with birds and wildlife will be a sufficient distraction from your aching limbs and the pains of your efforts!After four days paddling mokoros, canoes and rafts on the upper river, your final push will be through the white water rapids of the Batoka gorge.Having wound its course down from the highlands and across massive flood plains, the waters of the Zambezi pour into a massive rift in the earths surface creating one of the worlds most magnificent waterfalls, the spray from which you can often see from miles upriver.

Your challenge will end with a sightseeing tour of The Smoke That Thunders and a celebratory dinner to mark your participation in this unique and strenuous river challenge on the mighty Zambezi.