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100 Miles on a Sofa!

We were even told we should write a book, so I guess we are getting somewhere. No it is not for charity, no we are not training for something, it is a comment on the beige: why sit at home watching TV on your sofa when there is so much out there to experience? When you get back to the office and someone asks what you did over the weekend would you rather discuss the football, the series you watched on a huge television whilst simultaneously tweeting and facebooking from tablet and phone, making sure you never miss a beat of modern life, or would you rather tell the story of how you joined a group of friends, hooked into some seat-belts, and towed your Sofa across southern England? I choose the latter.

Blog: www.trailtoanywhere.com/blog

Video: https://vimeo.com/61456537

Music - Stornoway 'We Are The Battery Human'