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The CIS Platoon within 1 Scots the Royal Regiment of Scotland will be cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End in 8 days.With such a large task ahead of the individuals and their families we as a platoon feel that we needed to challenge ourselves with something of similar challenging status pushing ourselves to the very limit.

As we train for this we are currently deployed on Operations in Afghanistan carrying out operations as we also train hard for the arduous task ahead as you can imagine the distance would be tough for professional cyclists to complete we are all at varied levels of ability but committed into a very worthwhile cause.The main effort for this journey is to raise awareness for two charities: The Royal Regiment of Scotland charity This was set up to help families with accommodation cost and travel expenses that some relatives cannot afford to pay for the duration that the injured soldier is in hospital.

We have raised some money before on previous occasions and saw the its use as some colleagues have returned injured and without this there recovery would have taken longer as family plays a key role in the individuals recovery process. (CHAS) Childrens hospice association Scotland This charity covers many different areas from mental learning difficulties to physical and mobility problems in children.

They provide families with help and advice, equipment, and some occasions a little respite for families as their children are taken on day trips. In order to makes these things possible they have a wonderful voluntary staff service who work alongside families and who have a great relationship with the children. Some members of our regiment have children who suffer from some of these illnesses and have benefited from the help and support that CHAS gives. Please feel free to check out my Just Giving Page: http://www.justgiving.com/Aarron-Mitchell"