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Secret Peaks: Kashmir 2013

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Secret Peaks' are back withe the new but how exciting expedition!

Secret Peaks: Kashmir 2013 aims to visit Siachen Glacier in Eastern Karakoram mountain range in order to explore a virgin peaks of about 6400m. The ethos behind the expedition is focus on promoting a trans-boundary Siachen Peace Park as a way to a regeneration of a glacier ecosystem affected by a long term conflict between India and Pakistan.

All info can be found on http://www.secretpeaks.com

Secret Peaks Expedition Series is an independent project, that aims to explore some of the most remote mountain regions of the world. Each expedition raises awareness for important local issues that are faced in these remote hardly visited locations, with a focus on the natural environment, regional conflict and the local population. The idea for the Secret Peaks Expedition Series was born in 2011 during an exploratory expedition in the north-eastern region of Afghanistan, Wakhan Corridor. After a month long trek with two local guides, hundreds of cups of tea and the crossing of dozens of icy-cold glacier rivers, it became evident just how much such remote regions have to offer a potential traveler. Inspired by this expedition in 2012 we returned to Afghanistan for a mountaineering expedition -Afghanista's Secret Peaks.

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