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A world first: the Arctic Row

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

The Arctic Row will depart on 17th July 2012 on an epic endurance event that has never been attempted before. Four men;Paul Ridley,Collin West, Neal Mueller and Scott Mortensen will set off from Inuvik in Northern Canada to attemptthe first, non-stop, unsupported row across the Arctic Ocean.

Their destination; Providenya, Russia on the other side of the Berring Strait, 1300 miles away. Their aim is to raise awareness about the Arctic Ocean draw attention to Arctic related issues that effect us all: climate change, energy innovation environmental protection. The expedition is expected to take 30 days, rowing 2 hours and sleeping for two hours in two man shifts 24 hours a day for the duration of the trip. to sustain this level of activity the team will have to consume 5,000 calories every day.

In the extreme cold water of the Arctic ocean the team would not survive for long if they had to abandon their boat so they are carrying a life raft, insulated waterproof survival suits and radio satellite communications should they need to summon the coast guard for a rescue. Leading the team is Paul Ridley, 25, Paul completed an 87 day crossing of the Atlantic becoming the youngest american ever to complete this feat, his motto is give it all up which is a reference to his philosophy; leave nothing behind. Spare no reserve of body, mind or spirit in making this world a better place, right here, right now.

We wish the Arctic Row team a safe journey and the best of luck.

Researched by Liz Froment