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Has anyone hiked to the Giants Of Manpupuner

OtherJames Hipkiss

I am looking for advice and or guidance toward a possible trip a friend and I are considering in Russia.

I and a friend are looking to travel from mid to end January in 2014 giving aprox' three to three and a half weeks to travel to the famous hidden wonder the Giants of Manpupuner (eg:http://int.rgo.ru/news/the-manpupuner-rock-formations/ ) It is approximately 100km from the nearest settlement and we are planning to hike or ski tour to the location and return. I was wondering if anyone had done this themselves and or is able to provide details of the likely weather conditions present in late january in the area and if reaching the starting location (the nearest town) is a reasonable consideration in this time of year.

Any advice what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,