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Outer Hebrides Way/ Timeless Way Hike

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

This is a vary rare hike, and we've only found 2 accounts of it ever being done (very strange). Crossing the Outer Hebrides The longitudinal nature of this island chain make it a great challenge to cross on foot, yet its astonishing that no official long distance footpath exists. Whilst plenty of short Km paths around these islands exist most visitors concentrate themselves in focal areas. Very few set themselves the feat taking in the whole chain. Stunning scenery and loads of wildlife awaits those who try bridging these islands.

The few small settlements will provide an insight in to a unique way of life here which has frontier feel about it. The expected hike will start at one of the main southern settlements of Barra and end at administrative capital of Stornoway some 140 miles later. A trip to St Kilda on the extremities of the UK, and whose population was evacuated in the 1930s is also on the cards as part of this challenge.